About Madness Serial

Mads Madsen, a renowned and deranged painter finds unexpected friendship in a mysterious young man called Constantine.

Mads Madsen, a renowned and deranged painter finds unexpected friendship in a mysterious young man called Constantine.


Let me tell you a story…

Madness Serial is a serial blog conceived with the idea of being published weekly as each chapter was written. I decided afterwards that it would be better to finish the thirteen chapters that would make up the novel before publishing it to ensure quality in the plot of the same. In this way, Madness Serial will be published weekly in different media and formats around the Internet.

The first instalment of the serial is titled The Hand of Madness which would be the fourth part of a six-book series.


The serial follows Mads Madsen, a renowned and deranged painter unable to connect with anyone but his inner wolf, this changes when he saves the life of a mysterious young man called Constantine, in whom he finds instant affinity and understanding. The collision of their universes will reveal an intricate conspiracy that involves the tragic death of Mads's father. 

Release date.

The chapters I & II are available right now in Spanish —the serial is written originally in that language— and these will be fully translated to English coming soon. Both will be released as an early access event to the novel in the first half of 2018, and the complete serial will be released officially at the end of the same year.

About the author.

My name's Seph Brand —or at least, this is the pseudonym that I've adopted as a writer—, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Central America.

When I was just a child, I liked to create fantastic stories in my mind and also capture them in little hand-drawn comics. Later, this led me to get interested and passionate about graphic design, since in that career I saw the opportunity of using those talents for work in something that I would enjoy. 

However, I had a plan and God laughs because when the time arrived, I proposed the idea to my parents and they say "no", due to the expensiveness of the career and my family's economic situation. At that moment, I felt disappointed and frustrated by the cause of finally having found something of my interest to study in the college, but the illogic rules of this system in which we live prevent me from doing it. 

Then, I had two alternatives: to embrace my dream or let it go and just adapt to the system. I choose the first considering that although the obstacles, I was provided with all the essential to overcome it, I have my mind, my hands, my desire to fulfil my dream and the many talents which I was gifted, and also, I had a basic personal computer. 

So, I learned all I can about graphic design on my own. Thus, making use of this self-taught method and with a lot of practice, I learned to design empirically. Years later, I had my first opportunities to work as a designer even without a university degree, however, over time I discovered that there was something that I didn't like at all about this craft and that was the fact that I didn't have total control over what I created, because in the end I was supposed to put the wishes of the client above my creative needs, it was then when I realized that my true vocation was art.

One day, I fell deeply in love with a very close friend. This love was forbidden and platonic since the beginning, and the tragedy of not being able to be reciprocated by this person and have lost it in the worst way made me suddenly start to write this twisted and at the same time, beautiful gothic romance story that had been floating around my mind for a while. This began as a mere hobby, but incredibly I discovered what I consider my greatest passion in life and the perfect way to express what I can't say verbally. 

That is how I figured out that in this world I am not a designer, a writer or a marketing agent —my current job—, nor I am a man or a woman, neither light nor darkness, because in this life I am everything that I decide and I want to be. So, I decided to be everything and share my personal life experience with you and the two things I mainly learned from all this, first, money —or the lack of money— doesn't have to be the end of your dreams and second, culture, art and education shouldn't be supposed to be exclusively for those who have the necessary purchasing power, on the contrary, these things must be free, open and accessible to everyone equally and that's why I have decided to distribute my novel for free.

I had the idea of sharing this story as a serial published weekly on a blog and that's exactly what I'm going to do when I conclude the edition of the final draft. I intend to distribute my work for free around the Internet —including BitTorrent network— and ask the readers for donations or for the acquisition of the ebook on the serial's site only if they genuinely enjoyed the novel. The idea is very risky but also is exciting, because if this works, I will have the real chance to achieve my goal of becoming a professional writer and continue producing more novels in the meantime, but above all, I will have the chance to motivate other writers to bring the power of information to those who have been disadvantaged due to lack of economic resources all this time. 

The Publication.

I, as an independent artist, have decided to publish my novel by my own means. This implies that I wouldn't turn to a publishing company for releasing my novel, or at least, not as my main publication medium, this, in order to preserve the ideas contained in the book and plot intact. I aim to have the artistic control over my work always and I’m not willing to exchange this for money, of course, this entails I’ve to look for different ways to reach my potential readers and get some profit for my art in the meantime, because after all, I’m not rich and I need to eat and pay bills —not kidding—. I don’t want you to interpret it as hypocrisy on my part because my philosophy is: if you can pay for art, then pay and support the artist, and if you can´t, you still have the same right of getting access to culture and art. That’s all. That's why it’s so important to sponsor these projects on platforms such as Patreon, because this way you are allowing the artist or creator to deliver their creations to the world and also get paid for what they so passionately do, and that’s just my case, I love what I do and I do it for love to art, but I also need the means to continue creating and thus becoming a full-time writer.

The serial is going to be published for free mainly on the thehandofmadness.com blog, but also on other digital platforms like Medium and Patreon, readers also will be able to download it, always for free, on BitTorrent or directly in their emails if they subscribe to the mail list. As I mentioned it before, The Hand of Madness consists of thirteen chapters and each one of these is going to be published weekly since the official release date. Readers who become Patrons are going to have benefits like getting exclusive early access to the chapters and also, receiving the chapters directly on their emails in an ePub format and so the chapters will be spreading in all media throughout the week until everyone, absolutely everyone, has access to this. The power of the internet is amazing. Isn’t it? This is an exciting time to be alive.