Chapter I To Be Released on April 28th


You will be able to get free access throughout the Internet.

First night under the stars — Conceptual art by Seph Brand

Almost 3 years have passed since I embarked on the journey of writing my own novel, and although the first two chapters were published very preliminarily in Spanish —even when these were not yet edited—, the long process and hard work that writen the novel has implied is the cause that the project of translating these chapters into English has taken some time before seeing the light. But now, with the final draft of the novel done, the releasing of the blog-novel is getting closer, and that also implies that the English version of The Hand of Madness is almost a reality that we will see happen on April 28th with the arrival of chapter I completely translated into that language.

As you know, the idea has always been to bring the novel to all those who want to read it, because according to my philosophy, art, education and culture should not be something exclusive for those who have the acquisitive power necessary to get these things, on the contrary, these must be accessible to everyone equally. That's my main motivation to publish my first novel completely free around the internet, which, of course, could not be limited to only one language due to the dream would aim to translate it to as many languages as possible, even when the novel has been designed for a niche audience, but in this way it will set a precedent with which I expect to inspire other authors to replicate this idea of putting this enormous power in the hands of the people.

So if you have expectations about reading The Hand of Madness, I invite you to save this date in your calendar in which I am going to deliver my debut work to the entire world as a gift of my birthday.