Time has come to an end and so is the wait for the webnovel


The Hand of Madness, the first instalment of the Madness Serial will be released next year.

DEC 28, 2018

This is excellent news both for the avid readers and for me as the author. After almost four years of hard work, the wait is coming to an end; The Hand of Madness, the first instalment of a six-part serial titled Madness Serial, will be released on April 28, 2019, throughout the Internet.

As you may know, the first chapter of the webnovel was released on April 28 this year. It published weekly this in the form of seven short instalments on different platforms like Medium, YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, among others. I will distribute the thirteen chapters that make up the novel following this same model.

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The Hand of Madness official releasing date poster.

I title chapter II Kyrie Eleison, and this follows the aftermaths of the accident Mads suffered and the growing friendship between him and Constantine and also presents the Resistance from a new and exciting point of view.

The diffusion of the webnovel will remain free, but you’ll be able to support the project of many ways so it is sustainable and expandable. A lot of new and fantastic merch is on the way, and so are the extended digital versions of the novel which will include exclusive content like conceptual art and illustrations.

I will publish each instalment first on the official site thehandofmadness.com, and next, it will progressively arrive at each digital platform. Of course, this will be available both in text and audio and in English and Spanish languages.

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