Are you a corporation or a person?

I am an independent artist who intends to publish and spread his work and ideas around the internet for a living.

Why is your novel free?

Because I firmly believe art, education & culture should be free and accessible for everyone equally. If you are in the capability of paying, you pay, and by doing it, you're serving as a patron for those who can't pay for it, thus allowing me to keep my intellectual content free and open.

Where do your income come from?

I monetise my website by displaying and running ads from third-parties platforms as such Google, Amazon and StackCommerce and also, by selling my original merch and eBook digital editions of Madness Serial in the site's store.

Is your site trusted and safe?

Yes, my site is hosted on Squarespace, a renowned platform specially designed for website building and e-commerce which offers advanced security protocols in all its levels (domains, hosting, transactions, etc). Also, I use PayPal in my checkout as my primary payment gateway which is the world's safest payment platform that exist. So, you can feel safe when browsing and buying on my site.

Do you manufacture your own merch products?

No, I use Teespring and Printful platforms to print, fulfill and ship my original merch products to my customers.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, both platforms offer worldwide shipping.

Where do the products come from?

Even when I am outside the United States, my merch products are manufactured, fulfilled and shipped from the USA, Europe and Australia respectively.

What is your shipping policy?

I always specified in the footer of each product which service I am using to produce it.

If your ordered product is from Teespring, the shipping policy is the next:


US-bound orders will arrive within 9-12 business days.

Canada and International-bound orders will arrive within 12-15 business days.

You can take a look at Teespring.com/track to see what your shipping status is. If you have your tracking number, you can also see more detailed information about your shipments status by entering the number on DHL.com

* For International shipping, we do not track packages once they reach their destination country.


UK- bound orders will arrive within 7-12 business days once production begins

For France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden orders will arrive within 7-12 business days once production begins

For all other countries within Europe, orders will arrive within 10-16 business days once production begins

For countries outside of Europe, US & Canada, orders will arrive within 15-22 business days once production begins

* For EU fulfilled orders, tracking is not available.


If you have not received your order, and it is passed the estimated arrival date, please contact us and we can take care of this for you.



If your ordered product is from Printful, the shipping policy is the next:


USA 3-5 business days via USPS

3-8 business days via FedEx SmartPost
1-3 business days via FedEx
Canada 5-10 business days without tracking 1-5 business days via FedEx
Australia 10-20 business days without tracking
1-5 business days via FedEx
International from USA 10-20 business days without tracking 1-5 business days via FedEx
International from Europe 5-10 business days to Europe
10-20 business days worldwide
1-5 business days via FedEx

What are your refund and cancellations policies?

If you receive a product that is damaged or faulty I will gladly replace it at no additional cost to you. Please contact me within 48 hours after receiving your package.

I do not accept returns or refunds if you change your mind after receiving your order(s).

I can only offer you replacements at no additional cost if it falls under below criteria:

  • Products are faulty – damaged/broken or soiled upon arrival.

I do not hold or accept any responsibility for packages that have been stated as items lost, stolen, stuck in transit, or delivered. I do not issue refunds or store credit for packages that the courier confirms as lost in transit or delivered. Please contact your local postal service. Please check your shipping information carefully before checking out. If you realize you have made a mistake, just e-mail me to contact@madnessserial.com as soon as possible. Orders take 2-5 business days to be fulfilled, after that I can't update any further information on the order and I will not be able to make a refund or a replacement of the product since it was not my mistake.

I am not responsible for the payment of Customs or VAT Fees. The fee varies and is determined by each country and cannot be calculated in advance. By processing an order, you agree and acknowledge that you will pay any Customs and VAT fees that may occur.

For items returned to me due to undeliverable addresses or issues at Customs, refunds will be issued for the net price of your item(s) minus the shipping charge.

Any other questions?

Contact me to contact@madnessserial.com